Rolls off the Tongue – even more idioms!

Are you looking for another place to check out new idioms?  Then look no further than Rolls off the Tongue.  This website publishes cartoons of idioms and you have to try and guess which idiom it is.  And don’t worry if you’re not sure, you can get hints to help you.

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Idiom a Day

We’ve spoken before about how there are so many idioms in the English language.  But how can you learn them all?  This blog aims to help you with that.

As the name suggests Idiom a Day publishes a different idiom every day, with interesting descriptions and videos.  A fun way to learn idioms!

So what are you waiting for? Head over to Idiom a Day and learn today’s idiom!

Voice of America

We all know that one of the best ways of improving our English is by listening to authentic material – watching TV shows from English speaking countries, listening to the radio.  However, there is nothing worse than watching a show and getting frustrated as you can’t follow what’s going on.

Voice of America is different.  It has news from all over the world, and some of it’s videos have been especially adapted for learners of English, so you can watch without getting frustrated.

So what are you waiting for?! Head over to Voice of America and find out what is going on in the world!

Teaching Kids the News

A news blog aimed at both teachers and learners of English.

Based in Canada, the majority of stories are about Canada, however, there are also plenty of international stories.

A great source of English language news stories aimed at all levels.

Check out the blog here and you can also like them on Facebook.


Independent English

Independent English is a blog for English students run by Sandy Millin, a teacher at IH Newcastle (UK).

The blog aims to introduce learners to tools and resources to supplement their English language studies.  An extra feature is that Sandy also records the entries as a podcast so you can read and listen to the post.

Check out the blog here and follow Independent English on Facebook as well!