Summer Courses: February 2013

Are you looking to improve your English?

Have you got exams in March and want some extra practice?

At a loose end in February?

Come to IH San Isidro and take one of our summer courses…

Cursos en febrero 2


Independent English

Independent English is a blog for English students run by Sandy Millin, a teacher at IH Newcastle (UK).

The blog aims to introduce learners to tools and resources to supplement their English language studies.  An extra feature is that Sandy also records the entries as a podcast so you can read and listen to the post.

Check out the blog here and follow Independent English on Facebook as well!

Welcome to IH San Isidro Students’ Blog

This blog is for you, the students.  Here you can find worksheets on any number of topics linked to what you have been seeing in class.

Feel free to download them and use them at home for extra practice. 

Any questions you may have just ask your teacher!

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