Prepositions, prepositions…

Hands up who likes prepositions??!

Those pesky little words can trip up even the most advanced learner.  Test your knowledge of prepositions with this little text:

Prepositions revision


Even more idioms!

Have you tried our idiom matching exercise?

If you want to learn even more idioms, check out the activity below.  You have to match the idiom to the picture.

There is also a description of the idiom, in case you’re not too sure of the meaning.

Good luck!

Idioms, picture matching

Teaching Kids the News

A news blog aimed at both teachers and learners of English.

Based in Canada, the majority of stories are about Canada, however, there are also plenty of international stories.

A great source of English language news stories aimed at all levels.

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Independent English

Independent English is a blog for English students run by Sandy Millin, a teacher at IH Newcastle (UK).

The blog aims to introduce learners to tools and resources to supplement their English language studies.  An extra feature is that Sandy also records the entries as a podcast so you can read and listen to the post.

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